MJD Concept Art

Zbrush sculpt I did for school. Fun times.. Polypainted in zbrush as well.

Well it’s been way too long since my last post, but there is a reason! I have been super busy, but I managed to squeeze this out with the time I had. Thanks for looking!

First image of 2014! Still life.

Angel Reaper

Crap, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here. Finals were pretty hectic, a lot of projects to be completed and little time for anything else.

SO, here is a WIP of my first personal piece since my last one, which was…I don’t remember when… it will be colored! It’s taking me longer because I’m really pushing myself on this one. Inspired by some magic the gathering cards. 

I will be live streaming the color process tomorrow… maybe… XD


My first attempt at making a portrait of a young boy….from my HEAD! O.o

Young people are hard!

Jericho is his name. A character from a game I’m helping with. Pretty much just the art any way. This is a portrait of the main character.

Well here it is. 60 hours later and my first sculpt ever is now complete. Anatomy issues, yes. Proportion issues, Yes. Did I learn anything? Fuck yes. Is that a dead praying mantis behind her? …. yes. 

Cleaned up with rough values.

quick design work on my recent character. Gotta refine it and clean it up 

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