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No more black!

So my images have been coming out SUPER DARK! Had no idea why so I FINALLY looked into it and figured out the problem. First, my working monitor was showing my blacks as dark grey, so when I thought I was just making a dark grey, I was actually using black as black can get…or close to it. So I took one of my dark images as a reference point, which I thought had been saving out too dark, and adjusted my monitor via nvidia color settings. NOW when I work, my blacks no longer look like dark greys! so no more black images! 

I seriously thought I was doing something super wrong, I began to question my artistic knowledge….. Turns out it was my monitor telling me the wrong things. Kind of feel a little better. But now I have a big pile of very dark images which needs to be adjusted.

Had a pretty vivid dream, and she was in it. So thought I would paint her out to have her as part of a story which I also wrote down from the dream :3

Fairy Racer of the Grand Herald Fairy Tournament! This was a fun one to do before school starts. Hope people will like it.

Demon Lord. Saving this as a JPEG just makes this super dark. So I did my best with adjustments without losing the mood. I still think my black and white version is better.

Quest for Power! Higher res here http://havokreed.deviantart.com/art/Quest-for-Power-472223029

dark priestess lady! Higher res here  http://havokreed.deviantart.com/art/Dark-priestess-470070395

I am inching ever forward to being able to make Magic the Gathering card illustrations.

Mantis queen. More or less done.

Just an idea of my improvements over 5 years………lol.

Merfolk Magic Caster….or something along those lines. lol

Inspired by art of Magic the Gathering.

Dwarf ranger finished! 

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